rotary hoeWith the hydraulically adjustable roller hoe, Weinbautechnik Bähr is extending the program with self-developed attachments Especially for vineyards with a slope, this hydraulically adjustable rotary hoe leads to an optimal work result in the undergrowth.

The rotary hoe can be easily continuously adjusted while driving. The setting angle of the roller hoe can now be hydraulically adjusted to the lateral position and the type of soil.



Hydraulically adjustable rotary hoe at work

Advantages of the manually-adjustable rotary hoe

  • Stable post lifting
  • Solid lift tower
  • Double-acting cylinder
  • Rotary hoe wheel made of high-quality steel
  • Continuously adjustable rotary hoe
  • Easy change of the rotary hoe wheels
  • Combination of rotary hoe and wheel possible
  • Can be used on its own or in combination with a finger hoe

Additional advantages of the hydraulically adjustable rotary hoe:

  • Specially developed for side slope
  • Conveniently controlled by hydraulic system at any time
  • Continuously adjustable setting during the work process
  • Optimal result of undergrowth cutting

Do you have a mechanically adjustable Bähr rotary hoe? The hydraulic top is compatible with and can be retrofitted to the conventional mechanical rotary hoe.

Customer opinion about the rotary hoe:

The rotary hoe is unique in speed and quality of work. Clean working on firm soil and high weeds with very little wear. There is nothing better.

K. Korz Agrar GbR from Feilbingert