Finger hoe especially designed for viticulture

The finger hoe from Bähr Weinbautechnik GmbH was developed especially for viticulture. With the aid of flexible fingers, the weeds around the vine are gently removed. This finger hoe was specially developed for viticulture and thus meets all the requirements in this field of agriculture. The soil is mixed and loosened simultaneously by the removal of the weeds, the torn out plants are exposed and not covered with new soil. Thus, a re-germination of the weeds is prevented. The finger hoe is easy to use and robustly built for tilling the vine.

finger hoe for viticulture

During the development of the finger hoe for viticulture, the greatest importance was placed on the following characteristics: The working speed of the finger hoe was adapted to the highest possible degree, without affecting the quality of the work process. The quality of the operation of the finger hoe has met the highest requirements, such as the gentle treatment of stems thanks to the elastic fingers. The finger hoe has an extremely high environmental impact, which in no way adversely affects the quality of the soil, with respect to erosion and nitrogen mobilisation in the times without vegetation. The viticulture finger hoe has low wear, low susceptibility, high sustainability and not forgetting low cost, with the greatest possible savings in working hours. Chemical-free processing under vines with the Bähr finger hoe.

Advantages of the finger hoe especially for viticulture

– Driving speed approx. 6-12 km / h
– Continuous angle adjustment and lateral inclination
– Can be used singly or in combination with a rotary hoe
– Hydraulic three-point adjustment frame (working width 1.40 – 2.60 m)
– Can be used on both sides
– The formation of a longitudinal trench is prevented with a finger hoe- Levelled, fine, crumbly area under the vines

A viticulture finger hoe allows the winemaker the best possible quality while working in the vineyard, a gentle operation, a much lower workload, a saving of labour and thus lower costs. The Bähr finger hoe has been tested and optimised for all problematic situations. We are very pleased to be able to offer you a finger hoe of this quality, which can facilitate and improve your work sustainably. Anyone who has ever used the viticulture finger hoe cannot do without it. This is supported by the consistently positive feedback from our customers.

“The Bähr finger hoe especially designed for viticulture for a neat area around the vine”